List of notified Scheduled Castes : Meghs Registered as scheduled caste in India Census Report 2001.

Friday, October 22, 2010

* Jammu & Kashmir  : Megh Or Kabirpanthi (Serial No.10)
* Himachal Pradesh   : Megh,Julaha, Julahe, Kabirpanthi, Keer Serial No.(31,39)
* Punjab                    : Megh,Serial No.(19,24)
* Chandigarh             : Megh,Kabirpanthi( Serial No.(18,23)
* Utteranchal             : Kori Kabirpanthi( Serial No.(50)
* Delhi                      : Meghwal,Kabirpanthi( Serial No.(18,27)
* Haryana                 : Megh,Kabirpanthi,Kori( Serial No.(19,21,24)
* Rajasthan               : Balai,Koli, Kori,Megh, Meghval, Meghwal, Menghvar( Serial No.(7,37,46)
* Uttar Pradesh         : Kori Kabirpanthi,Balai ( Serial No.(10,50)
* Chhatisgarh            : Meghwal, Koli, Kori( Serial No.(30,35)
* Madhya Pradesh    : Koli, Kori,Meghwal( Serial No.(31,38)
* Gujrat                    : Meghval, Meghwal, Menghvar( Serial No.(31)
* Maharashtra          :  Meghval, Menghvar( Serial No.(50)



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Can u pls tell me the Subcaste of Megh caste

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